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June egg drop (For anyone still here)

Interesting time, but here they are. Happy Hunting!

"These dragons are pretty hard to pin down. They're over there—wait, now they're over there!"

"This tiny egg is rather light. Forest.
Sorts between Ash and Azure Glacewing.

This egg radiates an otherworldly chill. Coast and Forest.
Sorts between Ridgewing and Risensong. Can be bitten."

Credit for locations/sort order goes to: Whirlaway
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Halloween Biome

Just in case anyone's still here, and didn't already know.. :)

There is a temp new biome in the cave, and it's filled with CBs of all past Halloween dragons. Happy hunting!
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ISO 2 of the new hybrids

I was super excited that this latest new egg release was all hybrids. Until I found out I don't have as many Sunsongs as I thought. Oops! Lol.

Is anyone able to breed me 1-2 2G Sunsong x Sunrise eggs? I will be hunting down more CB Sunsongs soon, but I always like to get a pair of new eggs on the day of release, when possible. So they have the release date as their laid on date.

I'd be happy to breed off my scroll for you in return, or we can do blood swaps later.

Thanks! :)
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Lunar egg blood swap

Hey all :) I really need a 2g Blue Lunar egg from a Blue x Val 09. The blue phase is really short. Someone kindly bred me one, but against all odds, it's related to mine. I'll gladly swap for it, or if someone doesn't mind breeding me one I'd appreciate it so much!
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July Release

Only one egg this time.

"Late at night/when spirits are at play, these eggs glow bright/to keep evil away."

Egg description - This egg glows from within.

Alpine and Forest.

Happy Hunting!
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March Release

In honor of Sakuraryuu's birthday TJ has released 3 new eggs today.

Dropping in Forest and Jungle:

A small puddle of condensation has collected under this egg. - Forest
This egg is encrusted with colorful gemstones. - Jungle (Forum people are saying Forest as well, but I haven't seen any there so far)
This massive egg is covered with thick plates. - Forest, Jungle

There appears to be several types of the gemstone ones, based off TJ's post.

Which can be found here:

Happy hunting, and more importantly Happy Birthday Sakuraryuu!!! Hope it's a fantastic day, and weekend for you! :)
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Valentine Wishlist

Since breeding time is coming up soon, I thought I get this out there. :)

What I'm looking for:

CB Almandines x 09 Vals
2 or 3G Alt Sweetling x CB mate. <--- Huge dream wish for me!

What I have, and can breed:

CB Radiant Angel (2)
CB Arsani (2)
CB Heartseeker (1)

My Val IOUs:

dancing_serpent - IOU to her: Heartseeker x Lumina. IOU to me: 09 x CB Almandine.

MissVampire13 (Forum) - IOU to me: CB Val 09 x CB Almandine