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20 December 2014 @ 11:22 am
What I'm looking for (Like everyone else, lol) is a clean, pretty Holly, 2, 3 or 4th gen. SS or EG, if the EG is not messy. I'm hunting hard, but since the first night I've had no luck at all. Out of about 2 hours worth of hunting on the first night I managed to get a total of two, but one was a huge mess and the other was super inbred. I tossed those back and have had zero luck since.

For this I can offer IOUs of a 2G Gold or Silver, or both. With mate of your choice. Or an IOU for some 2G PB Alt Undines, or multiple BSA hatchies, or 3-4 Avatars with mates of your choice. Or whatever you want off my scroll.

I also have this Holly I could breed as part of the trade offer. http://dragcave.net/lineage/iNdFm
It's not super pretty, but it is clean, fairly pretty with some discontinued dragons, and not a huge lineage. I'd be breeding it with a male Frill. Unless you'd prefer something else. :)

Also, I'm looking for a 2G Yulebuck. This will be frozen as a hatchie. If someone can help with this one, I'd like to hold off on it being bred until Tuesday or so. I'm remaining optimistic about catching the coveted Holly and would like to keep my slots open until then.

19 October 2014 @ 05:29 pm
I have a CB Pyrope egg. I'd love to get a Cheese or Paper hatchie for it. I really, really want to try for an ungendered Zombie hatchie or two and these two are the only ones that are for sure going to remain ungendered.

I know it's a big lop sided on my side so I'd also be willing to breed off my scroll, or IOU a couple 2G PB Yellow Undines for one of each. Or more. Whatever you'd like, just so I can get 2 of either of the above. :)
07 October 2014 @ 06:30 pm
This is a long shot, BUT ... I am looking for hatchies. Any kind. 2G or CB preferred. Not to big a request, right?

Wrong. Lol.

I don't want these hatchies until the 17th of October. And I'll admit right up front I hopefully plan to zombify them.

So, if you can toss me some hatchies either the 16th or 17th, that will still be S1 or S2 until the 17th, I would be super, duper appreciative! :)
22 September 2014 @ 11:43 am
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20 September 2014 @ 10:49 am
Three eggs, three colors, three biomes, same description for them all.

Alpine, Coast & Volcano.

"This egg feels like polished stone."

Happy Hunting!! :)
02 August 2014 @ 01:31 pm
New eggs are dropping in the alpine & forest! They look same, but we might be seeing different alts like the nebulas. Can't say for sure until TJ's hatches.

Other news quoted from TJ's post:

This month marks the end of consistent beginning-of-the-month releases. While knowing when to look is nice, it also seems to have become a bit stale. Future releases will (very likely) still be on weekends, but may be scattered throughout the month.

I don't know about you, but I liked knowing when we'd get a drop. It makes catching things easier.
26 July 2014 @ 03:42 pm
I have:

CB Red Male hatchie.

6G Silver Shimmer spiral egg. Black x Silver. From Prowl.

4G SS Gold Tin egg. Gold x Magma. From Borg Queen.

Very pretty 4GE Pink egg. 1st Gen is all old Pinks x Spriter Alts.

3GE Pink egg. Old Pink x Frills.

3GE GoD egg. 1st gen is Male GoNs x Lurkers.

Most Wanted:

CB Glaucus.
CB Howler.
CB Cassare.
2G Black Alts.
2G Magma. Male Marrow x Magma.
2G PB Magma
3GE Magma somewhat similar to this: http://dragcave.net/lineage/EFclM
2G Thunder. Male Electric x Thunder.
2G Thunder. Male Thunder x 09 Val.
2G PB Ice.
2G Ice. Male Flamingo x Ice.
2G Ice. Male Ice x Red.
2G AoD, Male Black x GoN.

Also wanted:

Something that will work with this very lonely GoCreation. http://dragcave.net/lineage/4MlYe
Any 2G PB Trio.
2G AoDs, 2G AoCreation or 3GE AoDor AoCreation.
2 or 3G Pretties from Spriter Alts.
2 Gen old Pinks x alt black Sweetlings
2nd gen Pinks x alt black Sweetlings
Low gen unique lineages (Especially a low Gen Booo relation)
2G Frill x Old Pink

So it would seem that Bankotsu is out of the "hospital" and back to being very active on the forums. And I have yet to hear one peep from her. I just pm'ed, again, and just went with a subject line of "Still waiting .." and then the body "For my eggs, or an update. Thanks."
At this point I've assumed I will never get the Howler or Glaucus eggs owed to me. Grrr.
Original post here: http://dragon-cave-egg.livejournal.com/443785.html
05 July 2014 @ 01:07 pm
Three new eggs this time:

This egg is covered in thick blue stripes. - Alpine
This pink and red egg wobbles occasionally. - Jungle
This egg makes you feel a bit uneasy. - apparently all biomes?
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29 June 2014 @ 03:29 pm
AoD and AoCreation pairings I'd like to 2G lineage swap for are (*are most liked):

Avatar of Creation

Blusang Lindwurm *
Copper (any color) *
Flamingo Wyvern *
Gold *
Holly *
Nebula *
Red-finned Tidal
Silver *
CB Soulpeace *
Sunsong Amphiptere
Tsunami Wyvern
Yulebuck *

Avatar of Destruction

Black *
Black Marrow *
Cavern Lurker
Falconiform Wyvern
Hellfire Wyvern
Magma *
Red *

Edited 7/5/14 since original trades were done, but I'd still love to collect/swap 2G AoD and AoCreation eggs. :)
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I'm asking because it appears she is going to default on an IOU to me, and I'm pretty annoyed by it. The IOU was offered by her, to me, in exchange for a CB Green Copper I was looking to trade. She offered it April 14th, I repeated it back to her to make sure we were both clear on it, and she agreed so I sent her the egg.

I agreed because she has been around for a lot of years, is ARK listed and active on the forums. On the 14th she sent me 2 eggs. The IOU was 20. 10 Howler, 10 Glaucus. A few weeks went by, I didn't hear from her so I sent a polite and short PM, just asking for an update (She had promised she could fulfill it pretty easily and quickly) and she read it, but didn't reply for a bit, then said she'd been down with pneumonia. Ok, that's fine, sorry to hear it, thanks for getting back to me. Another couple weeks, she is posting on the forums again but I'm not hearing from her. So I went till May 24th, PM and check in again. Pretty much the same PM. "Hi, just checking in to see where you're at with the IOU, Thanks!" She reads the same day, no reply. And is still posting in threads after that. So I check with someone else she has named in her profile as owing an IOU to. She says she has not heard from or gotten anything from her in ages either. Ut Oh.

And still, I wait a bit more, cause life happens. On June 18th I PM again. Saying again, I get life happens, but I'm getting worried and a bit frustrated that you are reading these, but not replying to me. Please, I need to hear from you, and know what's going on.

And again, she read same day, and no reply. Grrrr. And again, posts to the forum threads after.

I just PM'ed her yesterday (Sat), said I was trying hard to be patient but it's been a while now, you have not responded to 2 PMs, and are definitely around and active. I said I was giving her 48 hours to get back to me, and after that I would assume she was defaulting on her IOU to me.

I know there is nothing I can do, IOUs are all on us and not enforceable. And I know 20 eggs is a lot (She actually originally offered to also influence and hatch as well but I said that was nuts and no need for that) but she offered freely, insisted it was easy for her and I'd had several PMs offering close to that along with her PM.

So I guess I am just venting and whining cause it pisses me off and is my first bad IOU trade. And may put me off IOUs from now on, because if someone like that cannot be trusted ... ? And also posting as a heads up to you guys regarding this person.

Her profile: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showuser=35273

And of course if things do change, or she does reply or make it good I will definitely update here with that info as well.

ETA - 6/22. I just got a reply to my pm. Her "daughter" says her mom is in the hospital. I hate being so cynical but I'm not sure if I buy this or not. :/ I think at this point I'm just going to send healing thoughts her way and walk away from it, because it is just not worth the frustration any more.

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