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Dragon Cave Clicks & Trades Welcome Here!

Dragon Cave Eggs
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dragon cave, eggs, hatchlings
Dragon Cave Eggs

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Dragon Cave Eggs

* Due to repeated visits from The Booby-Spammer members have to be approved. This is a quick and painless process since Mods are online on and off all day. Please forgive, but we can't have nameless boobies all over the comm! It's just tacky.

* If your journal is blank, inactive, or has no trace of dragons on it your Join request will be declined. We're all about having members, but we prefer the kind that are active.

Let us take a moment to welcome you and thank you for joining our comm! Please read this section carefully for posting information.

Your Mods are:
* Creator, Owner, Co-Mod & Icon Maker: sakuraryuu
* Co-Mod, Guru, & Dragon Cave Moderator: kiramaru7
* Banner Maker: silenttaiyoukai

Feel free to contact them with any suggestions or questions you may have.

This comm is for anyone who needs help with their Dragon Cave scrolls. This means hatching their eggs or getting their hatchlings to grow, and/or is interested in trading, breeding and egg sitting. I must add here this is a Dragon Cave only comm. It has been geared toward helping Dragon Cave scroll owners and only has information pertaining to Dragon Cave.

We also request that no member post their eggs/hatchlings for clicks more than twice a day. Spamming your dragons will not be tolerated and could result in you being banned from the comm.

Feel free to post about anything Dragon Cave related to the comm. We encourage our members to post and talk amongst themselves via the journal to get answers to their questions, voice their frustrations, and get help, as long as the content has to do with Dragon Cave.

Please PM your Mods with any information you would like to share, such as forum threads, links, etc. Once we receive your message we will investigate and sort your information to the correct place.

We also encourage egg sitting, trades and breeding. Please respond to one of the following links if you are interested in being put on the Tinsel Trading Thread,
Egg Sitting List, Trade List or Breeding List, please and thank you.

We have two Links sections and a Tags section posted on the main journal page. We suggest you take a moment to look over these links and tags to see if any of the information provided would improve your game.

Be sure to check out our collection of Dragon Cave Fanfics.

We will affiliate with just about anyone. To affiliate please comment our Affiliates journal post.

To answer the Round Robin challenges, please observe the following rules:
* To Post:
Round Robin #: (theme)
Word Count:
* Each new chapter will pick up where the previous one left off.
* 500 word limit.
* Crack!fic is accepted and encouraged.
* Open fandom.
* The entry has to deal with Dragon Cave in some way.
* All entries must be PG.
* You can post your entry anywhere you'd like as long as you supply a link when you submit you chapter here.
* Your chapters will be posted on our Dragon Cave Fanfic journal post.
* Personalized banners made by silenttaiyoukai.
* The amount of chapters will be determined by how many people sign up.
* Chapter assignements are given in sign up order.
* Any questions please contact sakuraryuu, kiramaru7.


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